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Gaining Referrals

Gaining Referrals
Author: Shane3x
Your part of a PTC and your trying to get people to join using your ref link, sounds easy enough but you realize eventually that there are many other people in the same situation trying to get people to join via their ref links also, so how do you get an edge above the rest? Follow some of these tips and your sure to have some more ref's in no time.

With this, all you do is create a website or blog and post your referral links on there, give a description of each site and then advertise your blog or website anywhere you can from your myspace, online forums etc... to attract visitors.

Online Forums
If your a member of an online forum you can do many things to help advertise your ref links: * Place referral links in your signature * Create a post containing your referral links (if need be explain what ptc is) * Link the WWW under your avatar to your blog,forum post,website or other * If it's an online forum where people can donate money either directly to the forum or to a site the forum is a part of (like a game site or similar) and someone asks about how they can earn money without donating their own money either mention your website/blog or post about what ptcs are and your ref links
Now things are different from forum to forum (such as the type of forum it is and the rules of those forums) so just make sure what and where your posting is ok with the rules of the forums before you post and whatever you do, don't try to hide that the links people are joining with are your referral links.

Recommend people you actually know
This might not be the best of ideas or appropriate in some situations but if you know some people out there who might like the idea of PTC then tell them about it and maybe tell them about your blog, website, forum post etc...

Send an email to everyone you know who might like the PTC idea, of course don't go spamming people and make sure you use the appropriate etiquette (be nice etc...)
Live chat programs (Online chat rooms, Msn etc.)
Now advertising your referrals in IM programs and online chat rooms can get a lot of peoples attention but again make sure you use the appropriate etiquette and your not breaking rules by spamming etc...

Advertising in the real world
Things like creating flyer's and popping them in letterboxes, create flyer's and whacking them on public notice boards, advertising in newspapers etc... Anyway you can advertise in the real world can help but again make sure its appropriate and you obey any laws in your area etc...
PTC (and other types) advertisement
If your a part of a ptc you might as well try advertising using that ptc, you can use money-earning PTC's like Advercash or Ad-only PTC's like Cashwebs but when you advertise you may think using your ref link may be a good idea but generally its not since most people clicking on a PTC are already be a member of that ptc (and don't advertise your ref link for a site on the same site) so what you can try is creating a site that will get peoples attention like your blog etc...

I am not responsible for any site listed here. These are Affiliate Sites and are run by the owner's of each site. These are legit and any payments received will be posted. Thank You