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I Seek U Friend's !

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Get Paid for surfing. This one really pays.

Below is what the Ring will look like. It is blank so the links wont work.

I Seek U Friend's !

This I Seek U Friend's! site owned by your name here.

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Wanna Join I Seek U Friend's ?

The I Seek U Friend's Ring is always on the lookout for More Friend's homepages...
Does YOUR page qualify? All you need is ICQ, well NOTbut, you do need a Homepage. Come on Join..

Send me a message. This will come to me instantly if I'm online, if not I will get it as soon as I log on, or sign the Guestbook.
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If you want to join the ring, just fill in the following information below and download "Sam Da Man" and upload to your server, just right click on any one of them,. You can use your own image if you want. Nothing Nasty or Illegal let's keep it clean, fun and free, this Webring has a G rating. Someone will visit your site as soon as We can get them off their lazy...(_!_)'s well you know!! So go ahead join, it says you need ICQ but if you have a Home-Page and want to join then go ahead we want this to be a fun ring and dont want to many HAVE TO'S just to join. So you must put the HTML fragment on your page, Sites without the HTML fragment will not be let into the ring and will be remove from queue after 10 days! The I Seek U Friends Ring Manager reserves the right to refuse ANY SITE SUBMISSION for ANY REASON.

Submit site to I Seek U Friend's !
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Once you have submitted your site, you will be given the HTML coding which you will need to place somewhere on your page. You also need upload the image to your server, if thats the one you want to use. Thanks!

If You're already a member of the ring, but would like to edit your Site info (password, location, etc.) just fill out the form below.

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