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If you want to join the ring, just fill in the following information below. You can use your own image if you want. As long as it's the Bald Eagle. I chose this one, because it is my favorite close-up. If you have one you would like to share, Please send it to me. Someone will visit your site. So you must put the HTML fragment on your page, Sites without the HTML fragment will not be let into the ring and will be removed from queue after 20 days! The Ring Manager reserves the right to refuse ANY SITE SUBMISSION for ANY REASON. I have found so many Great Web-sites out there, that I chose to start a web-ring for The Bald Eagle. Mainly so I could have better access to some of these Great Sites. So if your site has anything to do with the Bald Eagle, and You Believe in Pride,,Freedom,,and All that The Bald Eagle stands for and is, Then Please Join and lets all enjoy this Wonderful Bird. Please sign my guest-book and let me know what You Think about the Great N. American Bald Eagle. Do have a question, or maybe you have some info you would like to pass along. Well if so just e-mail me and let me know.

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